Pictured above: Edgewater’s Biscayne Beach luxury residences.

Downtown Miami, from Brickell to the Design District, is undergoing a major transformation and revitalization. Recently, one of the great minds behind Miami’s transformation, architect Jorge Perez, noted in an interview with Local 10 TV that Miami in just 10 years Miami would be transformed into world class city. But you don’t have to take Jorge Perez’s word for it if you don’t want to because there is evidence of this change everywhere in Miami’s downtown area.

As downtown Miami changes, we are also seeing the emergence of different neighborhoods with specific characteristics. Brickell has a distinct hustle-and-bustle feel, while as you move north, it is a little more tranquil. Midtown Miami, for example, offers luxury leaving with everything you need at your fingertips, but minus the madness of Brickell. And then there is Edgewater, one of Miami’s last waterfront frontiers. The map below delineates Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood and the location of the condominiums there.


Edgewater’s eastern boundary is East Coast Avenue, it’s southern boundary is 15th Avenue roughly, and it’s norther boundary is highway 195. The western boundary is Biscayne Bay. Edgewater’s prime location on Biscayne Bay, has made it one of Miami’s last waterfront frontiers, and an area of major interest for luxury condominium developers. As a result a number of waterfront condominiums have been built, or are being built on Edgewater as you read this.

To name a few of the newer condos (either built, being built, or in pre-construction) in Edgewater there is Aria on the Bay, the 4 building Paraiso complex, Bayhouse Miami, Biscayne Beach, Icon Bay, the Blue Condo, the Onyx,  and the Elysee. Developers of these newer Miami condos are in an implied competition to defeat each other for who can offer new residents the most luxurious amenities: fitness center, gourmet restaurants, sunrise and sunset pools, valet parking, security and much more. Their desire to beat each other is transforming Edgewater into one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Miami.

But the transformation is not yet complete, and Edgewater still has plenty of condos for sale at prices for most budgets. Now is a great time to purchase some of the less expensive real estate as it will appreciate as Edgewater nears its transformation into a hub of modern Miami living. At the time of this publication there were condos starting at $139,900 to as high as $6.5 million, and this does not include pre-construction condos for sale. For example there is one penthouse for sale at Biscayne Beach for just over $9 million.

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